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It's Been a Year... Dreaming of St. Georges Caye


So, it has been a year. A year exactly since we first visited St. Georges Caye Resort in Belize. This week started with us two couples exchanging pictures over Messenger of our time on the island. A time that has left a remarkable imprint on our souls. Seeing the photo memories of our trip to Belize has brought back a flood of emotions. Emotions of pure relaxation, emotions of yearning to go back and emotions of a bond that deepened between a group of friends that very few experiences can.

It has been a year. Our World feels a little different since our visit in November 2019. We all know the challenges we face. Challenges of health, politics, what we believe and how we interact as a community. One of the things I am always thinking about is what if we took a step back? What if we got out of our everyday and got some perspective? To take some time with the people closest to us. Get off of the constant social media stream and stresses of the day to day. A sort of call to 'Disconnect to Reconnect' mantra. It's ironic that the very place I found a year ago, to do just that, is what I write about today…

From the minute you step off the boat and on to the shores of St Georges Caye Resort you get the feeling of comfort and relaxation. We have been to many resorts and the overarching theme is to present you with all the ways to relax. All the ways to enjoy and make the most of your vacation. Not at St Georges. They welcome you like a family member they haven't seen in a while. They greet you, get you acquainted and then get out of your way so you can experience Belize through your own eyes. Past resort experiences fill our mind's eye with pools and parties. On this little slice of paradise, it is something totally different.

I must admit, it took a day or two to get used to leaving my phone alone. There is WIFI there, but it is pretty much limited to the main lodge. It is nice to connect with the kids back home and check in on any work emails (hey, I am self-employed so, you know). Other than that, you are disconnected for the constant buzz in your pocket. The phones became our cameras. Not a tool of distraction. We even tested the waterproofness after a little kayak tomfoolery!

On previous vacations we have always taken advantage of the adventures and excursions and St Georges Caye has some fantastic options. Or so we are told, we fell so in love with being on the island that we did not want to leave! We opted for snorkelling at the reef, paddle boarding around the island and kayaking with the dolphins. Any of the stress we had upon arrival had melted into the ocean and been washed away by the salt water.

Our daily rhythm changed during our stay. Normally I am a night owl and not a morning person. Because of being so close to the Equator the sun sets earlier at around 7:30-8pm and rises earlier at around 5:30am. What we found is that when in a place void of much artificial light our bodies defaulted back to our natural circadian rhythm. By mid-trip we found ourselves going to bed as early as 8:30pm and waking with the sun. Fresh coffee and fresh orange juice in hand. No phone to check, no news feed. Just silence and sun. Total relaxation.

As I write this, I am feeling a strong pull back to St. Georges Caye. Not just the place but the people. People make the place and in the case of St Georges Caye this fully rings true. The group of people that make St. Georges Caye so special have been working at the resort for many years. You can see they get joy in sharing Belize with guests and meeting new people. Oliver with his charismatic personality and his ability to make your stay unique is un-matchable. Jahnene has a calm about her as she tends to the details of your stay. She handles requests with ease and comfort. Again, adding to the relaxing culture that is embedded into the island.

It has been a year for sure. A year we can remember of turmoil, change, and doubt. Or it can be a year where we disconnect to reconnect. A year where we're strengthening the bonds with those closest to us. A year where we choose to relax, gain some perspective, and move forward with a smile on our face. A year where we get back to St. Georges Caye Resort!

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