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What’s it like on our island? We encourage you to visit TripAdvisor and read from guests what they’ve enjoyed most about the St. George’s Caye Experience. There’s a reason our staff has won the Certificate of Excellence 7 years in a row!

On this page, you’ll find our favorite comments to Cap’n Ron in guest surveys, and a few thank-you letters from past guests. Come see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

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“I will never be able to fully describe our trip to St. George's Caye. It has to be the best trip of our life.” Stayed Sept 2017

“We just gave a glowing review on the survey, but it bears mentioning that your staff is the best in the business. We owe them a massive debt of gratitude because they made our honeymoon so incredibly

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“We were made to feel at home the whole time we were there. Our dive guide, Freddie, was very experienced and seemed to know where all the underwater sights and animals were hiding. Diving the reef from there cannot be described, it must be experienced.” Stayed Sept 2017

“The food was phenomenal of course! Each dish was obviously crafted with delicate care and attention. We were always eager to see what the next entree will be. Hats off to the chefs!” Stayed September 2016

“WOW!!! We had such an incredible time on our honeymoon. Everyone went above and beyond. We enjoyed relaxing, massages, snorkeling and diving. The excursions were fabulous and we would 100% recommend this resort to anyone and everyone. I have nothing but positive things to say and that we really enjoyed our stay. Thanks for making our honeymoon unforgettable.” Stayed August 2017

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“Our family of 5 recently spent a week at the resort WOW... from the time Cornell picked us up at the airport to taking us back, it was all amazing! Your staff is so professional and accommodating. We loved getting to know the culture ... the area. We'd love to come back some day.” Stayed August 2017

“The beach toys were always ready for use, and instruction was available if needed. The bar was very nice, and the tenders were, as with all working there, above friendly, more like friends than anything. We surely miss St. George's Caye and can't wait to be able to return, leaving there was like losing your best friend.” Stayed Sept 2017

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