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St. George’s Caye Resort has received the highest honor and is now featured as a 2018 TripAdvisor Hall of Fame award winner!

Want to be whisked away to clear waters, unparalleled relaxation and soft sea breezes? When looking to reserve your next destination vacation, our loyal guests describe our “rustic elegance” perfectly. Scroll for some of our rave reviews. Find more at our Trip Advisor site.

Guests love St. George’s Caye Resort! From authentic and freshly prepared meals to cocktails with hand squeezed island juices, guests are in awe with our connection to providing locally sourced ingredients. Some highlight experiences include learning to scuba dive or snorkel the Belize Barrier Reef, hobie cat sailing and excursions into the history of Belize. This is a destination like no other. Just some of these details are why our team has won the Certificate of Excellence 8 years in a row! And, just this year, we were inducted into the “TripAdvisor Hall of Fame!”
We arrived into Belize on Oct. 25, 2020. Our airport transfer driver, Cornell, was super friendly, and showed us the interesting sights on the way to the dock. It was really neat to hear about the history of Belize, the Belizean culture, and historical sights. Once we arrived at the dock, our bags were loaded onto the water taxi and we were on our way to the island. The boat operator was very kind and helpful. Once we arrived at the dock of St, Georges Caye, we were greeted and our bags were taken to our cabana. We went to the office to check in and get our keys. Jeanine (spelling incorrect) was so kind and helpful. She went over our activities that we reserved with us and guided us back to our cabana. We arrived a bit late for lunch, but they did have plates made for us and they were promptly delivered to our room. Delicious! The cabana was beautiful. We had one of the over the water cabanas. Perfect for viewing the amazing Belizean sunsets. I can't say enough about the staff that worked during our visit. Edison was so kind and fun to be around. Oliver, was helpful, funny and also very kind and fun to hang around a chat with. The Scuba guides, Freddie and Jose were amazing. Very vigilant on keeping an eye on a first time diver. The fishing guide, Bones, was very good at knowing the exact place to go catch the best fish. What an amazing haul of fish they caught, If you plan to go fishing, please ask for Bones. He will not disappoint you. The chef cooked impeccable meals. I had things I had never tasted before. Everything was delicious. Alex was a wonderful server and attended to every request. The massage therapist is amazing and you will be so relaxed when you are done, the stress just melts away, Everyone that worked during out stay, Oct 25-30, 2020, was amazing! I will definitely be back. I feel like I made friends with the staff and look forward to seeing them again. Would love to meet Tim the owner. He went above and beyond to help make our dream vacation a reality. Thank you to everyone that helped make our stay unforgettable! Y'all are amazing! I can't wait to see you again! If you are considering a vacation, please check out St. George's Caye Resort. It will not disappoint you! I felt very pampered and well taken care of. Thank you to everyone! See you again, soon! Chris and Jaimee
Belizean Paradise – Five Stars Nov 2, 2020
“ The diving was good, the reef is very alive. My favorite non-dive experience was the hammock at the end of the pier. Oh what a comfortable hammock with an ocean view and a frequent pelican to hang out with.”
Luxuriously chill… June 14, 2018
“ We had an amazing honeymoon at St. George's Caye! The staff and atmosphere are amazing and provide a very intimate setting in an often over-touristed environment. The diving is amazing, as well as the dive staff. Very well done!”
Epic time... May 7, 2018
“ St. George's Caye is truly one-of-a-kind and absolutely serene! We loved that we could have gone a whole day on the island without seeing anyone if we didn't want to, but could be surrounded by new friends just as easily. Sitting on the front porch of our ocean front cabana drinking our delivered coffee and watching the sunrise was always a perfect start to the day!”
Secluded paradise... March 12, 2018
“We fell asleep to the sounds of the water below our cabin washing up on the beach beside us and the calm breeze blowing through the thatching on the roof of our hut, and every now and then a song of a local gull.”
This was OUR island… February 6, 2018